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There are 429,687 Kansans with differing abilities.

Overarching Goal

To improve the oral health of adults with disabilities


bullet  To advocate for oral health services for people with disabilities with Kansas Legislators, state government leaders, and community agencies serving adults with disabilities
bullet  Provide staff and caregiver oral health workshops to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence to support practices that maintain good oral health for adults with disabilities
bullet  Increase access to professional dental care for adults with disabilities by offering continuing education opportunities
bullet  Involve Kansans in planning and program development by facilitating Kansas Oral Health Council for People with Disabilities

adults with

DIFFERING abilities

Oral Health Kansas has established several programs/services designed to support people’s needs for individualized and specialized oral health care.  These include partnering with state and local agencies serving youth and adults with physical, developmental, and mental conditions. OHK distributes oral health public awareness and educational materials, as well as conducting educational workshops and seminars for staff and individuals.  


professional oral health care toolkit

Services by dentists and dental hygienists are essential for good oral health care. These three documents are designed to improve the communication between individuals with disabilities and dental offices so that everyone has a good experience.
bullet Kansas Dental Safety-Net Clinics Directory and Fact Sheets
bullet Individual Pre-Appointment Oral Health Information Form
bullet Tips and Tricks: How to Have a Successful Dental Appointment


Healthy Smiles guide coverHEALTHY SMILES FOR EVERYONE!

A Guide for Better Oral Health Care

You can learn to take good care of your teeth and gums at home each day and enjoy good overall health and wellbeing. Healthy Smiles for Everyone Guide.



Use these online videos for tips on teaching people how to brush their teeth and how to have a successful dental appointment

Brushing the teeth of others


Individualizing dental care for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This webinar was designed to demonstration oral health dental services that respond to needs of children and youth with autism, but many of the techniques used by the dentist are applicable for adult dental care as well.



Conference Presentations

Special Considerations for Special Conditions: Dental Care for People with Disabilities - Oral Health Kansas 2013 Conference
Ray A. Lyons, DDS, FADPD, DABSCD, Chief of Special Needs Dental Care, New Mexico Department of Health



bullet Understanding Basic Behavioral Support Techniques
bullet Oral Hygiene Health Care Plan
bullet National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NICDR): Series on Developmental Disabilities
bullet Dry Mouth: NICDR
bullet Burning Mouth Syndrome: NICDR
bullet Detecting Oral Cancer: NICDR
bullet Smokeless Tobacco - A guide for quitting: NICDR
bullet What You Need to Know about Oral Cancer: Oral Cancer Foundation
bullet Adults with Special Needs Fact Sheets: Washington State Dental School
bullet Diabetes and Oral Health: American Diabetes Association
bullet Tips & Tricks for Oral Health: Oral Health Kansas
bullet Brushing the Teeth of Others: Graduated Guidance for Toothbrushing - Tim Koontz, OT: Oral Health Kansas
bullet Pre-Appointment Dental Form: Oral Health Kansas
bullet Dental Care Products: Oral Health Kansas
bullet Specialized Care List of Resources: Oral Health Kansas

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