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August 21, 2019
Volume 10, Issue 34


Fort Scott Middle Schooler Wins Award

In 2018, Jenna Weikel received the Excellence in Oral Health Award for Outstanding Volunteer. Jenna Weikel attends Fort Scott High School in Kansas and was the creator of Sippy, the Thirsty for Health mascot. Jenna won the cartoon character contest in 2016 when she was a 7th grader at Fort Scott Middle School. Jenna's cartoon image was selected out of 50 submissions as the winning character, and a mascot costume was then created from her drawing. She developed other Sippy images and has continued to assist in providing versions used in marketing materials and final toolkit. Sippy has visited schools, health fairs and various events, educating children and parents the importance of drinking water and why it's so cool!

Do you know someone who has made a difference in improving oral health? Nominate them by Friday, September 6 and let them know how much their hard work is appreciated! Click here to download the applications.



New Resources To Help People With Mobility Challenges

We are excited to announce that Oral Health Kansas has partnered with the KU Kansas Disability and Health Program (DHP), on new resources about toothbrushing for people with limited mobilities. The tools and tips were developed with the guidance of focus groups of people with mobility challenges. It’s important for all of us to keep up with daily dental care at home, but using a toothbrush and squeezing toothpaste can be difficult for some people with limited mobility. Here are some resources for adapting tools to make it easier. Please share these and let us know how they work!




Public Charge Continues To Gain Criticism

Last week, the Trump Administration announced a final rule that changes the public charge policies used to determine whether an individual applying for admission or adjustment of status is inadmissible to the U.S. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the rule broadens the programs that the federal government will consider in public charge determinations to include previously excluded health, nutrition, and housing programs, and outlines the factors the federal government will consider in making a public charge consideration. This will likely lead to decreases in participation in Medicaid and other programs among immigrant families. This will affect their citizen children, as well as clinics, hospitals, and public health agencies in the communities where immigrant families reside.

Several states have filed a lawsuit against the proposed new rules. Read more in the Washington Post.



FDA Reports E-Cigs May Cause Seizures

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remains concerned about the possibility of an association between e-cigarette use and seizures or other similar medical conditions and encourages the public to provide as much information as possible when reporting health or safety problems stemming from tobacco products through the online Safety Reporting Portal (SRP). The brief explains, “The FDA is continuing its scientific investigation to determine if there’s a direct relationship between the use of e-cigarettes and a risk of seizure or other neurological symptoms. Although we still don’t have enough information to determine if e-cigarettes are causing these reported incidents, we believe it’s critical to keep the public updated on the information we’ve received based on the agency’s initial request for reports earlier this year.

Find resources on OHK's website for more information on Tobacco and E-Cigarettes.





We have an amazing Board of Directors team! Sonja Armbruster is a Health Sciences Educator at Wichita State University. She recently traveled to Guam to do some work with their health department. We asked her to tell us a little bit about her trip.

"I missed the Oral Health Kansas board meeting in August thanks to a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on the island of Guam with their committed, caring, and professional public health staff. Strategic planning and Quality Improvement Training look pretty much the same no matter where you are (think slides, flip charts and markers), but on Guam, when the day is done, the vast ocean beckons. The daily paper there included remembrances of World War II as Guam marked this year with a 75th Anniversary of Guam’s Liberation".

Sounds like a fantastic trip, Sonja!



Have You Reserved The Sugary Drink Display?

We are nearing the end of summer. The Sugary Drink Display has been out visiting different parts of Kansas and staying busy. Reserve yours now for the upcoming school year and events! Slots fill up quickly.

What is a Sugary Drink Display? It's our drink display that has 10 popular beverages and shows how much sugar is in each. You can reserve a child drink display or an adult drink display for a month.

We will do our best to fulfill requests of less than 30 days but there is no guarantee.

There is no charge to use the Sugary Drink Display; postage is reimbursed if you send in your receipt. All we ask is for you to fill out our survey included in the display materials and provide us with feedback about the display. Click here to make a reservation!

Interested in purchasing a Sugary Drink Display? Click here to download our brochure.



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