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November 6, 2019
Volume 10, Issue 45


Conference Week Is Here!

With over 100 attendees signed up for the 2019 Conference on Oral Health, we are getting excited for what we have in store for you! On Friday, November 8 the 2019 Conference on Oral Health will begin!

We still have people asking us if you can sign up. You can register at the door, but seating has become very limited!

Date: Friday, November 8 All Day Conference
Location: K-State Olathe Campus
22201 W. Innovation Dr.
Olathe, KS 66061
Time: 7:30am-8:30am breakfast and registration
Conference sessions: 8:30am-4:00pm

Thursday, November 7: Pre-Conference Session
Networking Opportunity: Community Oral Health Coalitions (by invitation)
Dental Champions Leadership Program Session Class 9 (by invitation)
Dental Champions Alumni reception follows in the evening

Single registration rate:
Registration + new guest rate
Student rate: $30

For more conference details and sign up, click here!

Conference attire is professional business.




How To Pick Dental Coverage On The Marketplace

Open enrollment for the health insurance Marketplace began on November 1, and it will run through December 15. Helping families choose dental coverage can be tricky, but Oral Health Kansas partnered with the Children's Dental Health Project to create a couple of resources to make it easier!

A webinar and set of Frequently Asked Questions provide an overview of Kansas marketplace dental coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. Watch the webinar for an in-depth discussion of the issues most important for Certified Application Counselors to be aware of when helping consumers select dental plans, such as learning how dental coverage is available in the Kansas marketplace, the differences between stand-alone dental plans and dental coverage as part of a qualified health plan, and an explanation of factors that families should understand before purchasing a plan.

Individuals and families can work with a Certified Application Counselor through Cover Kansas to help select health and dental coverage. Click here to learn more about Cover Kansas.

Visit Healthcare.gov to see all the deadlines and apply for an insurance plan.



Join In On An Oral Health Series Webinar

Community Catalyst and Morehouse School of Medicine will be hosting a webinar on November 14, episode 2 of Rooted in Oral Health Equity: A Webinar Series.

This episode, “Moving the Needle on Oral Health Disparities,” will provide an overview of oral health disparities data, as well as perspectives on the structural barriers that cause these disparities for different populations; highlight research on Emergency Department use for dental-related issues and the consequences of lack of access to dental care, as well as the need for culturally-appropriate interventions; and share on-the-ground examples from advocates working to address access barriers and oral health disparities.

Here is more information and how to register!



Where Is Oral Health Kansas?

On Friday, November 8, we'll be at the 2019 Conference on Oral Health at the Kansas State Olathe Campus, 22201 W. Innovation Dr, Olathe, KS 66061. Register and come see us!





After 22 Years of Success, Children’s Dental Health Project to Move Resources to Community Catalyst in December

Today, one of Oral Health Kansas’ closest national partners, the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP), announced it will close its doors at the end of the year and transition their extensive public health policy and advocacy research and analysis resources to another national partner, Community Catalyst. Continue to read here.

CDHP is a Washington DC-based think tank established in 1997 to secure dental coverage for all children. For 22 years, the Children’s Dental Health Project has been instrumental in the fight to expand and protect oral health coverage for children in both public and private insurance. They have also made significant in-roads in access for parents and families.

CDHP has been a key thought leader and ally for Oral Health Kansas and our colleagues across the country. They have encouraged us to consider strategies and partnerships to better integrate oral health in broader agendas to end dental disease as a barrier to family success. Let’s continue encouraging each other to think outside of our silos to best serve kids and families.

“After reviewing our founding mission, our achievements, and consulting with long-time supporters, the Children’s Dental Health Project board and I determined it was time to shift from being a niche policy shop to bolstering oral health efforts within a broader health policy agenda,” said Meg Booth, CDHP executive director. “We are thrilled our legacy will strengthen the next generation of oral health policy and advocacy at Community Catalyst. A trusted ally, they share our belief that no family should be held back from its dreams due to dental disease.”

“Community Catalyst and the Children’s Dental Health Project have long stood together to end barriers to dental care,” said Emily Stewart, executive director at Community Catalyst. “We are grateful for CDHP’s leadership improving the status of children’s oral health coverage and advancing access to care for parents and other adults,” Stewart continued. “We look forward to honoring the rich history of CDHP by continuing our fight for families’ oral health.”

Dr. Burton Edelstein, a pediatric dentist and Professor of Dental Medicine and Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, founded the Children’s Dental Health Project 22 years ago. CDHP aimed to secure a dental benefit in the then newly-passed Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Congress had failed to guarantee dental coverage for newly insured children, treating pediatric dental care as optional. After ten years of ongoing effort, CDHP and its partners secured guaranteed comprehensive dental benefits for children in both CHIP and the Affordable Care Act. As a result, over ten million children obtained dental coverage and ever-increasing numbers of children obtained dental care. By 2016, for the first time since Medicaid began in 1965, more than half of children with publicly-financed insurance had obtained dental care. 

Edelstein notes, “Securing coverage and care for underserved children will be the sustaining historic legacy of the Children’s Dental Health Project. This remarkable achievement belongs to CDHP’s tireless leadership and staff, its strategic smarts, its investigative prowess, and its extensive partnerships and collaborations. CDHP gave voice to children’s oral health and established pediatric oral health policy as an essential, collaborative endeavor that will only grow as health care reform continues to evolve.” 

Throughout its two-decade history, the Children’s Dental Health Project successfully engaged myriad state and federal organizations and decision makers to expand children’s oral health coverage in both public and private insurance. In recent years, CDHP expanded its focus to meeting the dental needs of parents and caregivers, particularly for people who are pregnant and eligible for Medicaid. It has made significant in-roads on the issue. 

Looking toward the next phase of oral health advocacy, Meg Booth reiterates the importance of integrating oral health in other policy fights to help families reach their goals.

“Addressing the oral health of a whole family includes, but must go beyond, the dental care system,” commented Booth. “We look forward to shifting CDHP’s work to Community Catalyst so our partners can continue building on our success. At the same time, we encourage other groups to pick up where we left off, creating the systemic changes needed to help all families achieve good oral health and economic stability.”

For further information and updates, visit www.cdhp.org.



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