To improve oral health in Kansas through advocacy, public awareness and education.

Kansas is a national leader in oral health education, prevention and treatment.

Values & Beliefs
To realize our mission, we follow these values and beliefs:

  • The organization has concern for the oral health of Kansans of all ages, cultures and resources.
  • We work to educate so that good oral health is an integral part of good overall health.
  • We support fair access to oral health prevention and treatment services, with a special emphasis on the needs of underserved populations.
  • We support community water fluoridation and a range of other preventative services, including such public health strategies as sealants, fluoride varnishes, education, home health visits and a host of other effective interventions.
  • Research literature and data should inform the work of the coalition and data generation will be one outcome of the coalition's work.
  • Through collaborative efforts, we can influence and impact systems change to improve oral health status in Kansas; leverage national, state and community resources and dedicate them to the improvement of oral health.
  • We are a learning organization committed to evaluating the effectiveness of our work.


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