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Look for our county-level oral health data book, Kansas Oral Health Snapshot.

Tips & Tricks

Oral Health Kansas has developed many resources over the years to help with patient and consumer education. Recently, based on recommendations from one of our partners, we came up with Oral Health Tips and Tricks. These are one page fact sheets: colorful, simple and concise. They are targeted toward the everyday consumer. You are more than welcome to print and distribute our Tips and Tricks.

All of these fact sheets were developed based on requests from our supporters. Please send an email to info@oralhealthkansas.org if you would like us to develop a Tips & Tricks on a topic that is not listed.

These Tips and Tricks are available in the following fact sheets:

Ages 1-3 DO's-Spanish Pregnancy and Dental Care
Ages 1-3-Spanish Dry Mouth Pregnancy and Dental Care-Spanish
Baby's 1st Year Dry Mouth-Spanish Pregnancy, Gum disease & Diabetes
Baby's 1st Year-Spanish Energy Drinks Pregnancy, Gum disease & Diabetes - Spanish
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Energy Drinks-Spanish Reluctant Tooth Brusher
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay-Spanish Flossing Reluctant Tooth Brusher-Spanish
Bad Breath Flossing-Spanish Sensitive Teeth
Bad Breath-Spanish Fluoride Sensitive Teeth-Spanish
Braces Fluoride-Spanish Soft Drinks and Cavities
Braces-Spanish Getting Your Child to Brush Soft Drinks and Cavities-Spanish
Daily Dental Care - Infants & Toddlers Getting Your Child to Brush-Spanish Teething
Daily Dental Care - Infants & Toddlers-Spanish Healthy Eating Teething-Spanish
Dental Appointment Healthy Eating-Spanish Tiny Drinks, Big Sugar
Dental Appointment-Spanish Medications Thumb Sucking
Dental First Aid Kit Medications-Spanish Thumb Sucking-Spanish
Dental First Aid Kit-Spanish Morning Sickness Tobacco
Dental First Aid Morning Sickness-Spanish Tobacco-Spanish
Dental First Aid-Spanish Mouth Guards Tooth Brushing
Dentures Mouth Guards-Spanish Tooth Brushing-Spanish
Dentures-Spanish Oral Cancer Why Baby Teeth Are Important
Diabetes Oral Cancer-Spanish Why Baby Teeth Are Important-Spanish
Diabetes-Spanish Oral Piercings Wisdom Teeth
DO's Oral Piercings-Spanish Wisdom Teeth-Spanish


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