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Mouth Matters




Look for our county-level oral health data book, Kansas Oral Health Snapshot.

Consumer Resources


Oral Health Kansas has developed many resources over the years to help with patient and consumer education. Recently, based on recommendations from one of our partners, we came up with Oral Health Tips and Tricks. These are one page fact sheets: colorful, simple and concise. They are targeted toward the everyday consumer. You are more than welcome to print and distribute our Tips and Tricks. To view the complete list of Tips and Tricks CLICK HERE.

Tasty Treats for Teeth Cookbook

Snacks are very important for young children. Snacking is fine, but all snacks are not equal. Snacks that are served should be choosen wisely. This cookbook will give you foods that are good teeth-healthy snacks. To open a downloadable copy of the cookbook CLICK HERE.


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