Each year, we honor outstanding individuals and organizations who are dedicated to improving oral health in Kansas. Below are the award winners. The nomination forms for the Excellence in Oral Health Awards will be found in PDF here (Word Document) and the Ron Alexander Outstanding Dental Champions form can be found in PDF here (Word Document). This year's winners will be asked to record a 2-3 minute video accepting the award. We will honor the award winners during the virtual Conference on Oral Health.

The deadline to submit nominations is Thursday, September 30 by 5pm.

Please call 785-235-6039 or email info@oralhealthkansas.org with any questions about the awards nominations. Thank you!

Annual Excellence in Oral Health Awards

2020: Click on the names to view the 2020 award winners
Outstanding Community Leader/Volunteer: Carol Logan
Outstanding Dentist: Emily Day, DDS
Outstanding Policy Maker: Representative Will Carpenter

Outstanding Community Leader/Volunteer: Jerri Jones
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Laura Gigstad, RDH
Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Owen Poulson, DDS

Outstanding Community Leader: Denise Maseman
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Jennifer Brucker
Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Jon Hamdorf
Outstanding Volunteer: Jenna Weikel
Ron Alexander Outstanding Dental Champion: Niki Sadler

Outstanding Organization: Plastic Surgery Center Cleft Lip and Palate Team
Outstanding Volunteer: Carolyn Weinhold
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Lesley Johnson, RDH
Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Jon Siebrasse, DDS
Outstanding Dental Champion: Julie Parnell

To see recipients from previous years click on the tabs below:

  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Nick Rogers
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Kevin Robertson
  • Outstanding Organization: Comfort Care Homes, Inc.
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Mollie Day
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Mildred Bergstrom
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Nicole Moser
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Teresa Schwab
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Dr. Allison Lesko
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Lucynda Raben
  • Outstanding Organization: Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
  • Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Rep. Susan Concannon
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Karen Finstad
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Judy Johnston, MS, RD/LD
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Charles Squire
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Denise Maus, RDH
  • Outstanding Organization: Heartspring
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Kathy Heerwald & DCI Students
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Greg Hill, JD
  • Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Kathy Weno, JD, DDS and the Bureau of Oral Health
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Norma Barkus
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Deana Bender
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Tammi Engel
  • Outstanding Organization: Miles of Smiles
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Jill Quigley
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Schaunta James-Boyd and Gail Kennedy
  • Bob Bethell Awards for Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Vicki Schmidt and Senator Steve Morris
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Loretta (Letty) Seidl
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Nicole Rogers and Dr John Fales
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Heather Flick and Doreen Eyler
  • Outstanding Organization: Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Jayme Lewis
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Kathy Hunt
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Sen Carolyn McGinn
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Dr Jon Tilton
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr Nevin Waters
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Christen Lacey
  • Outstanding Organization: Dodge City Rotary Club, under the leadership of Bill Hammond
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Louise Bennett
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Amber Sellers
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Jason Wesco
  • Outstanding Clinician: Michael Le Blanc, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Galena Unified School District 499
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Laura Kelly
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Rebecca Scott
  • Outstanding Clinician: Kandee Klein, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Lifetime Smiles
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Representative Bob Bethell
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Moore
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Maggie Smet, RDH
  • Outstanding Clinician: Nick Rogers, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Kansas Action for Children
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Jim Barnett
  • Outstanding Community Member: Kathy Hunt, RDH
  • Outstanding Clinician: Roger Nolte, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas
  • Individual Dental Champion Award: David Foley, DDS
  • Organization Dental Champion Award: Sedgwick County Health Department - Children's Dental Clinic

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