Each year, we honor outstanding individuals and organizations who are dedicated to improving oral health in Kansas. Below are the past award winners.

Please call 785-235-6039 or email info@oralhealthkansas.org with any questions about the awards nominations. Thank you!

Annual Excellence in Oral Health Awards

Outstanding Dentist: Nuvia Lemus-Diaz, DDS
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Shawn Oprisiu, RDH
Outstanding Community Leader: Debra Trybom, RDH
Outstanding Volunteer: Megan Brungardt, RN
Bob Bethell Outstanding Policy Maker: Sarah Fertig, JD

Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Nader Rastgoftar, DDS
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Christina Cook, RDH, ECP II
Ron Alexander Outstanding Dental Champion - Davette McCoy, RDH, ECP III
Oustanding Organization: South Central Kansas Medical Center
Bob Bethell Outstanding Policy Maker: Representative Barbara Ballard

2021: Click on the names to view the 2021 award winners
Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Grant Smith
Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Katelyn Freund
Bob Bethell Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Pat Pettey

2020: Click on the names to view the 2020 award winners
Outstanding Community Leader/Volunteer: Carol Logan
Outstanding Dentist: Emily Day, DDS
Bob Bethell Outstanding Policy Maker: Representative Will Carpenter

To see recipients from previous years click on the tabs below:

  • Outstanding Community Leader/Volunteer: Jerri Jones
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Laura Gigstad, RDH
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Owen Poulson, DDS
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Denise Maseman
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Jennifer Brucker
  • Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Jon Hamdorf
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Jenna Weikel
  • Ron Alexander Outstanding Dental Champion: Niki Sadler
  • Outstanding Organization: Plastic Surgery Center Cleft Lip and Palate Team
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Carolyn Weinhold
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Lesley Johnson, RDH
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Jon Siebrasse, DDS
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Julie Parnell
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Nick Rogers
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Kevin Robertson
  • Outstanding Organization: Comfort Care Homes, Inc.
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Mollie Day
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Mildred Bergstrom
  • Outstanding Dental Hygienist: Nicole Moser
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Teresa Schwab
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Dr. Allison Lesko
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Lucynda Raben
  • Outstanding Organization: Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
  • Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Rep. Susan Concannon
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Karen Finstad
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Judy Johnston, MS, RD/LD
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Charles Squire
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Denise Maus, RDH
  • Outstanding Organization: Heartspring
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Kathy Heerwald & DCI Students
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Greg Hill, JD
  • Bob Bethell Award for Outstanding Policy Maker: Kathy Weno, JD, DDS and the Bureau of Oral Health
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Norma Barkus
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Deana Bender
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Tammi Engel
  • Outstanding Organization: Miles of Smiles
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Jill Quigley
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Schaunta James-Boyd and Gail Kennedy
  • Bob Bethell Awards for Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Vicki Schmidt and Senator Steve Morris
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Loretta (Letty) Seidl
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr. Nicole Rogers and Dr John Fales
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Heather Flick and Doreen Eyler
  • Outstanding Organization: Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Jayme Lewis
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Kathy Hunt
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Sen Carolyn McGinn
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Dr Jon Tilton
  • Outstanding Dentist: Dr Nevin Waters
  • Outstanding Hygienist: Christen Lacey
  • Outstanding Organization: Dodge City Rotary Club, under the leadership of Bill Hammond
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Louise Bennett
  • Outstanding Dental Champion: Amber Sellers
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Jason Wesco
  • Outstanding Clinician: Michael Le Blanc, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Galena Unified School District 499
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Laura Kelly
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Rebecca Scott
  • Outstanding Clinician: Kandee Klein, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Lifetime Smiles
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Representative Bob Bethell
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Moore
  • Outstanding Community Leader: Maggie Smet, RDH
  • Outstanding Clinician: Nick Rogers, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Kansas Action for Children
  • Outstanding Policy Maker: Senator Jim Barnett
  • Outstanding Community Member: Kathy Hunt, RDH
  • Outstanding Clinician: Roger Nolte, DDS
  • Outstanding Organization: Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas
  • Individual Dental Champion Award: David Foley, DDS
  • Organization Dental Champion Award: Sedgwick County Health Department - Children's Dental Clinic

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