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was a founding member of ANOHC (American Network of Oral Health Coalitions), which began in 2010.

Community coalitions

What is a Community Oral Health Coalition?
The purpose of the coalitions is to promote optimum oral health for all residents. This goal is accomplished through oral health advocacy, public awareness and education. Several Kansas communities have established oral health coalitions to reduce oral disease in young children and students, to increase oral health services in nursing homes, and to conduct oral health education sessions for social service agencies. Community coalitions are linked to and supported by Oral Health Kansas, the statewide coalition.


Community Coalition Educational Resources

This webinar focuses on providing new and existing coalitions with information on the key elements essential to building successful coalitions that promote oral health in their communities.  The webinar includes a variety of tools and techniques enabling coalition leaders to assess their own coalitions and identify ways to build their coalition capacity.  Supplemental worksheets and resources will also be provided.Effective coalition leadership is essential to achieving and sustaining individual- and population-level change in a community. This 90-minute webinar, the first of three in the Oral Health Coalition Webinar Series, focuses on providing new and existing coalitions with information on the key elements essential to building successful coalitions that promote Oral Health in their communities.

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Oral Health Coalition 101 Handout













Oral Health Coalition Webinar Series – Community Assessment & Community Engagement
To be successful in reaching its goals, each oral health coalition needs to have a clear description of the problem it is working to solve. This webinar focuses on the key elements essential to assessing community needs and resources that lead to the actual problem. To determine the correct actions to take, coalition members need to understand which conditions in the community either promote or inhibit achieving results. This 90-minute webinar is designed for coalitions just getting started and coalitions looking for new ideas to expand their community assessment activities. The webinar includes a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and techniques. The workshop also focuses on ways for the coalitions to engage community partners and members in the assessment process.

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Strategic and Action Planning +  Growing and Sustaining Your Results
This 90-minute session focuses on enhancing your coalition’s ability to develop strategies to address specific oral health issues in your community.  This strategic planning effort involves creating a framework for change, often known as the logic model.   This 90-minute webinar is designed for coalitions just getting started and coalitions looking for new ideas to expand their oral health strategies to ensure that those we serve have good oral health.  The session includes a variety of strategic and action planning tools and techniques.  The session content will also include ways for the coalitions to sustain community partners’ and individual members’ involvement in the effort.

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Strategic Action Plans

Finney County Oral Health Coalition

The Finney County Oral Health Coalition began in order to increase volunteerism among dental professionals and to improve children’s oral health status by increasing access to dental care through collaborative community advocacy and case management.

The coalition meets at least two times a year. Members of the coalition are dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, family doctors, pediatricians, school nurses, HeadStart nurses, UniCare representatives, Families Together representatives, GCCC representatives, USD #363 representatives, USD #457 representatives, Russell/Smart Start representatives, SRS representatives, United Methodist Mexican American Ministries, and various other social service agencies. It is crucial to have a broad band base membership even though some of the issues are only applicable to the dentists.

The coalition was instrumental in accomplishing the successful campaign to fluoridate Garden City’s drinking water with the help of the Kansas Dental Association and United Methodist Health Ministry Fund.  Another accomplishment is the Lifetime Smiles dental program; screenings began in 2000 and continue to improve of the status of children’s oral health from a 51% referral rate to the current 32% referral rate.

Any questions can be directed to CruzElia Corpus-Arellano at 620.275.1766.

Wichita/Sedgwick County Oral Health Coalition

The idea for Wichita/Sedgwick County Oral Health Coalition was included in a highly competitive Head Start Oral Health Grant proposal in 2006.  ChildStart’s Head Start grant was one of those funded, which served as the force to develop the coalition in 2007.  

The coalition’s vision: All individuals in Sedgwick County, regardless of age or resources, will have total and ready access to appropriate, quality preventive and restorative oral health care.  Strategic areas: Prevention, Access to Care, Oral Health Workforce, and Oral Health Leadership.  Current Project: 3rd Annual Give a Kid a Smile Day to 1) help children get the dental care they need and 2) raise awareness and access to care that children deserve.  In 2009, the coalition and its partners provided over $50,000 in free dental care to more than 250 young children who had no means to pay for care.

Active Partners: Oral Health Kansas, Child Start Inc., GraceMed Health & Dental Clinic, University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita, Wichita State University’s Dental Hygiene Department, E. C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic, Sedgwick County Health Department, Central Plains Area Agency on Aging, Patterson Dental, Wichita Public Schools-Parent as Teachers, Children’s Mercy Family Health Partners, UniCare and the list is growing.

Need more inforamtion on this coalition?
Amber Sellers, MSEd, CHES- Co-Chair
Oral Health Coordinator- Child Start Inc, Birth to Five Program 
Kim Walker- Co-chair
Public Health Educator, Sedgwick County Health Department
Division of Health Protection and Promotion
email: wichitacoalition@oralhealthkansas.org

Ford County Oral Health Coalition

Ford County Oral Health Coalition began in 2009 with two goals: 1) increasing the oral health of residents and 2) supporting a newly developing dental clinic for people going without care. Rotary Club president, Bill Hammond and incoming president, Richard Stein, DDS, organized partners to establish the clinic and asked Oral Health Kansas to assist in the development of the coalition. Ethel Peterson provided the community leadership to establish the coalition. In November, 2009, more than 20 community leaders attended the first coalition meeting and agreed to support the coalition. In January, 2010, leaders representing seniors, faith-based groups, children, people with disabilities, business, and government reported on plans to incorporate oral health into their agencies and organizations. Current task forces include: Children’s Dental Health Month, Early Childhood, Oral Health for Prenatal Care, Oral Health for Residents of Nursing Homes, Speakers’ Bureau and Fund Raising for Oral Health Initiatives.
For more information, please contact Ethel Peterson, thecardfan@cox.net.


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