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bullet Conference Feature: Acccessing Oral Health through Insurance Coverage

 This year, Americans began to be able to purchase private insurance through the Affordable Care Act's new on-line marketplaces... Read More arrow

bullet Your Teeth Can Be the Symbol of your Poverty

Native Kansan Sarah Smarsh published an article in the online magazine Aeon this week called, "The Shame of Poor Teeth in a Rich World"... Read More arrow

bullet Oral Health from Birth through Retirement

Oral Health Kansas and Johnson County Public Library are hosting a community seminar on oral health... Read More arrow

bullet National Brush Day

The day after Halloween, November 1st, is National Brush Day... Read More arrow


Mouth Matters

schoolAt least 28% of children begin school with untreated dental disease, impacting their ability to be successful.

toothSince 2005, 106 Kansans have participated in oral health leadership training.

emergencyMore than 17,500 Kansans visit an emergency room each year with dental pain.

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