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bullet Water Fluoridation in Wellington

The Wellington City Council met on Tuesday evening and voted to not send the issue of repealing water fluoridation to the ballot in November... Read More arrow

bullet Dental Champions Corner

The Dental Champions Advisory Board elected officers for the upcoming year... Read More arrow

bullet OHK Awards

Don't forget to submit your nominations for the annual Excellence in Oral Health Awards... Read More arrow

bullet New OHK Tips and Tricks

Dry mouth is the condition of not having enough saliva to keep your mouth wet and hydrated... Read More arrow


Mouth Matters

schoolAt least 28% of children begin school with untreated dental disease, impacting their ability to be successful.

toothSince 2005, 106 Kansans have participated in oral health leadership training.

emergencyMore than 17,500 Kansans visit an emergency room each year with dental pain.

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