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bullet Apply Now! Community Coalition Coordinator

Oral Health Kansas is seeking candidates for a new full-time staff person to lead our community oral health coalition program throughout the state. The coordinator will help local oral health coalitions get started and continue to support them as they create plans and implement strategies. Check out this position description if you are interested in this opportunity!

bullet Apply Now! New Coalition Opportunity

We would like to share an opportunity to start an oral health coalition in your community in partnership with Oral Health Kansas. You can bring together local people to address and improve oral health issues (identify and solve oral health problems) with local resources...all with Oral Health Kansas support. Check out the full RFP to learn more!

Visit our Community Coalition Page to learn more about both of these exciting opportunities!




Mouth Matters

schoolAt least 28% of children begin school with untreated dental disease, impacting their ability to be successful.

toothSince 2005, 106 Kansans have participated in oral health leadership training.

emergencyMore than 17,500 Kansans visit an emergency room each year with dental pain.

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