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Kansas Oral Health Connections (KOHC) is a tight knit community of organizations dedicated to improving the oral health of Kansas. KOHC is the work of several core partners:
Although the core partners had worked together on numerous projects for over a decade, they committed to working and applying for grants as a team in 2011. In 2016, the group decided to be a true team; they needed their own name and branding; thus Kansas Oral Health Connections was born.

    KOHC has worked on a host of projects together including educational programs, advocacy efforts, and data collection.
    These projects include:
  • Increased adult dental benefits in KanCare
  • Development and maintenance of Fluoride in Kansas website
  • Incorporation of oral health questions into the BRFSS survey
  • Developed the Kansas Oral Health Snapshot
  • Implement a dental dashboard measurement tool for safety net clinics
  • Development of teledentistry workgroup
  • Conducted the 2017 Kansas Head Start Basic Screening Survey
  • Development of the Perinatal, Infant, Toddler Workgroup (PIT Crew)
  • Provide support for Kansas community health workers to confidently incorporate oral health into their daily workplan
  • Continued work to bring oral health into the mainstream coalition

    Kansas Oral Health Connections has a shared vision of Oral Health for All, and six shared goals:
  • Eradicating dental disease in children
  • Incorporating oral health into primary care
  • Mandatory inclusion of an adult benefit in publicly funded health insurance
  • Incorporating oral health into the primary education system
  • A comprehensive oral health measurement system
  • Improving the public perception of the value of oral health to overall health

We realize that poverty, and the conditions of poverty, are some of the primary barriers to improved oral health and well being. To that end, we as a network, are united in our vision of reaching a more equitable landscape for all Kansans by 2020. In 2016, KOHC developed the video below to help explain our dedication to this work.


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