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Brushing Battles

1. Video Game – Brush Those Teeth! (English and Spanish)


2. Matching Game – How Much is Enough?

Using right amount toothpaste with fluoride is an important part of keeping your family's teeth health and strong. So is using the right sized toothbrush. See if you can match each person with the items they need to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Great job! Keep going!
Oops! Try again!
Fantastic! You really know how to keep teeth clean and healthy!


3. Song – BrushyBrush (BrushyBrush en español)

4. Book Suggestions

Hazel Does Not Like to Brush Her Teeth

Hazel Does Like to Brush Her Teeth


What's Next?
We hope you enjoyed your journey through Beating Brushing Battles. Did you get some good ideas?

1. Are there any changes you'd like to try to make in your family's daily habits?
If so, please let us know: (just select 1 for now… change takes time!)

(See “Want to Know More” section for details)

It is fine to not make any changes right now. Hopefully that means you are already doing everything you can to keep your family's teeth healthy. It could also mean that you have other things that are also important to focus on. Keep up the good work and show off your Super Smiles!
2. That's great! Now, can you tell us on a scale of 1-10 how important it is to you to make that change?

3. How confident are you that your family can make this change? (scale 1-10)

4. What is the first step your family will take in making this change?

5. Is there anything that Oral Health Kansas can do to help support your efforts? If so, please share your e-mail address as well as your request.


Want to Do More?

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Want to Know More?

For more reliable information on toothbruchhing, visit these sites:

Parent's Videos
When Toothbrushing is a struggle (Spanish - 0:58)

Making toothbrushing easier

How to Teach Your Child to Brush His Teeth (ADA) (Spanish - 3:00)

Wiping baby's gums (McMillan Health)



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