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Smart Snacking
for Healthy Teeth

1. Video –Acid Attack Experiment


2. Smart Snacking Game

In the Acid Attack Experiment, we discovered that frequent snacking on foods made with simple carbohydrates (sugar and refined flour) increases the number of times that acid attacks our teeth which makes our teeth weak and increases the chance of getting cavities. These foods are treats and should be saved for special days or the occasional meal time. Foods that do not have simple carbohydrates are better to eat as snack between meals.

Play this game to see how smart you are in making snacking choices that are good for your teeth. Drag each food into the bag you think best describes when you should choose to eat it.

Great job! Keep going!
Oops! Try again!
Fantastic! You really know how to help your teeth fight cavities!

It is impossible to tell our kids "Don't eat sugar!" There are enough things our kids need to say "no" to! Think about small changes that can help keep teeth healthy:

  • Eat sweet things with other foods so they are not as "powerful." A cookie with dinner is better than a cookie eaten as a between-meal snack.
  • Choose foods that aren't so sticky. Fresh grapes are better than raisins. A chocolate bar is better than caramels. Just use your judgment - don't be fanatic.


3. Song – Can't Go Wrong


4. Book Suggestion – Potter the Otter Likes to Drink Water


What's Next?
We hope you enjoyed your journey through Smart Snacking for Healthy Teeth. Did you get some good ideas?

1. Are there any changes you'd like to try to make in your family's daily habits?
If so, please let us know: (just select 1 for now… change takes time!)

It is fine to not make any changes right now. Hopefully that means you are already doing everything you can to keep your family's teeth healthy. It could also mean that you have other things that are also important to focus on. Keep up the good work and show off your Super Smiles!
2. That's great! Now, can you tell us on a scale of 1-10 how important it is to you to make that change?

3. How confident are you that your family can make this change? (scale 1-10)

4. What is the first step your family will take in making this change?

5. Is there anything that Oral Health Kansas can do to help support your efforts? If so, please share your e-mail address as well as your request.



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