Every day the foods we choose to eat can determine how likely we are to get cavities that can lead to pain, infection and loss of overall health.

As part of our mission, Oral Health Kansas focuses on proving education for consumers so that they have the information they need to discover strategies aimed at adopting habits for better oral and overall health.

To further that goal, we have developed a hands-on experiment that shows the process of dental decay (cavities). Our sugar/acid demonstration epitomizes the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing “acid” forming when “germs” in the mouth are processing “simple carbs” is a game changer.

This demonstration reveals why the frequency of eating is just as important to our oral health as what we are eating. Our message focuses on substituting no or low carb snacks and drinks for between meal snacking.

The Acid Attack Kit includes all the supplies, visual aids, and instructions needed to get people involved in seeing how their food and beverage choices effect their oral health. Each kit can be used up to 75 times, and the supplies inside can be refilled.

We have used the acid attack demonstration for several years at exhibits and during oral health presentations. It is very popular, and we love to see people having “light bulb” moments and going home with new conviction to establishing better eating habits.

    The Acid Attack Kit is fun for all ages:
  • Teach kids and adults how to make good choices about their oral health every day.
  • Perfect activity for:
    – Classrooms
    – Health Fairs Library Story Times
    – Health Departments
  • Use this hands-on experiment to help families understand the importance of healthy snacking.
  • Grab their attention! See the demonstration in action. Watch the video demonstration below!


Would you like to order an acid attack kit? Email us at info@oralhealthkansas.org.


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